locks of love.

Time for some change! I needed to get rid of my hair. Working in a hospital with hair all over the place is not cool. So I decided to sport a new look :) And why not do a charitable thing at the same time?

My fourth year of pharmacy school is off to a great start! With two great experiences under my belt (Advanced Hospital and Transplant Therapeutics), I feel like I am actually LEARNING and preparing myself to be a pharmacist. I have no idea what my future has in store for me, but I am so excited to find out!



Today's boredom concoction: Cranberry Crumble (Buttermilk) Muffins!

I threw in some blueberry almond granola in as well, but I wish I added more. I liked these a lot better than the lemon cakes I made yesterday. This is going to be really good tomorrow with my morning coffee.


Staying in.

Hello 2011! It's so great to finally see you. After a week long escapade with the family in Orlando and Universal Studios (OMG! Harry Potter World was friggin' awesome), I bring home a souvenir: a cold.

So what do I do to kill time while resting at home? Attempt to cook. Thank you Martha Stewart cookbook!

Shrimp, Tomato, & Spinach Linguine

Glazed Mini Lemon Cakes



77 degrees in December.

Top (Nordstrom Rack); Scarf, socks, & shorts (UO); Belt (XII); Combat boots (Nine West) & Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag -- My top and my boots were both from Nordstrom Rack and I got them for way cheap thanks to Groupon!

DISCLAIMER: This ridiculously cute Marc Jacobs bag is borrowed from my wonderful cousin, Andie! I envy her fabulous taste in purses and I fell in love with this particular one. It's the perfect size and color. It's so difficult to not be tempted to get one for myself!

I hate how green my room is. It makes it hard to take photos and is limited to very little editing, so I apologize for the discoloration. I moved into this house 3 years ago and this room belonged to a little girl before me. It's a rainbow of green, purple, and yellow from my bedroom to my bathroom.

I am always inspired to update my blog at the worst possible time. Oh well, those 2 finals can WAIT.


Dear Ong Ngoai,

I miss you. You are in a better place to watch over all your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren now. Please find Ba soon (if you haven't already), I'm sure she's been waiting for you. I feel so much safer in this world now knowing that I have two guardian angels to look over me. I hope you can see without your glasses in Heaven, because you didn't have them when you went. But I'm sure you'll be more than fine. :) Mom gave me the last gift you brought from Vietnam for me. The two figures are sitting on my shelf next to by my bed (I'm going to think of them as you and Ba). You and Ba were always so great with making sure your grandchildren, all 17 of them, were spoiled with gifts even on non-holidays! I'm going to miss making sure you got all your prescription refills on time. I promise to go back to Vietnam one day. I'm going to visit Nha Trang and learn of the place you loved so much. I'll go wherever you and Ba went. I want to see and learn everything. I'm still going to play piano for you, so make sure you listen in on me sometime. I always wanted both my grandparents to be there when I graduate (you both were always so good with that!) and when/if I get married. So make sure you tune in on me then too. I am so fortunate to have had grandparents like you around all this time. Thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful family. It all began with you two.

Phuong Vi

P.S. Please give Ba a hug and tell her I love her. "Thuong nhieu qua!"


Jessica Simpson: cheap comfy chic.

XXI dress, Jessica Simpson wedges

XXI top, Kimchi Blue shorts, Jessica Simpson white patent pumps

Dillard's is having an awesome shoe sale this weekend, ladies. Thanks Nhi for the heads-up! These two new additions were obtained for a ridiculous price of $40.